Monday, 11 May 2009

The Major From Glengarry

The Major From Glengarry.  Not a pub I have tried yet but I guess I should as it is so close to the house, I always tend to walk past it in favour of the bars on the sea front.  One day...
The name could have something to do with the Glengarry Light Infantry, will have a nose about if I go in someday.

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Mike said...

FYI - as an old local of "Major's" as we always knew it. Back in the 1960s (Yes I'm that old) it was The Glengarry, a night club of sorts run by the same people that had the Webbington out on the mendips. After a refit it re-opened in the 70's as Fanny's Gaslight Bar for several years and was highly popular with younger drinkers. Gradually falling from favour new owners called it Major's but failed to revitalise it selling up after only a few months. Local businessman Howard Thompson then snapped it up and revived the old Glengarry name, approaching the Scots clan of the same name for permission to use their crest on the sign. He eventually sold it to Wadworths around the mid-80s.